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Fidelity Community Giving Program

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At Fidelity Bank, we take great pride in supporting our community through charitable giving. In fact, one of the primary core values of the bank is that of charitable giving and financial support of organizations within the region. As we help others prosper, we prosper as well.

Through the Fidelity Community Giving Program, we provide financial assistance and in-kind donations to many worthy causes and organizations. As a leading institution within the community, we feel that aid should be given to those organizations and groups that have helped the region grow and prosper. Our dedicated Donations Committee chooses organizations that are most worthy and that best support our community.

Who's Eligible?

As a rule, Fidelity will not support organizations whose activities do not benefit the communities the Bank serves. Fidelity also does not fund political organizations or projects or activities that benefit an individual. Commitment during previous years in and of itself doesn't necessarily mean continued support. However, if previous support is combined with any other number of factors, this information will be taken into consideration.

Fidelity Bank supports organizations in four main categories:

· 501 (c) 3 non-profit groups (i.e. United Way, American Red Cross, etc.)
· School groups (booster clubs, athletic, academic or extracurricular groups)
· Community-based groups (police & fire departments, libraries, parks, etc.)
· Faith-based groups (churches, synagogues, mosques, etc.)

How to Apply

Written requests must be submitted to any Fidelity Bank branch or mailed directly to the address below:

Fidelity Bank
Att: Marketing Department
338 North Washington Ave.
Scranton, PA 18503
Requests must contain the following information:

Complete name of requesting organization or group
Complete mailing address
Deadline date
Reason for request (event, activity, etc.)
Sponsorship levels (if applicable)
Specifications of ad including color & size (if applicable)
We ask that all requests kindly be submitted within 4-6 weeks of organization's deadline.

Although most requests are worthy, Fidelity is only able to support a limited number of organizations. Therefore, some requests which meet all the criteria outlined may still be turned down. Every attempt will be made to grant a request and we may give a denied request greater consideration the following year.