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Important Information Regarding Home Depot


At Fidelity Bank, your security is our top priority. As you’ve probably heard, on September 8, Home Depot confirmed that its payment systems were breached in a cyber attack that may have stretched back to April 2014. While we have not yet been notified that any of our customers have been affected, we would encourage you to be diligent. Our own Fraud Protection Program has been heightened, and we recommend that you consider doing the following:

Check your account statements regularly and thoroughly. This can be done most effectively with Online Banking. If you see any suspicious activity, you should contact the bank immediately. If you do not have Online Banking, we encourage you to do so for free by visiting us online and clicking “New User” in the box on the right.  

Set up email alerts within Online Banking. This tool provides you the peace of mind knowing that any time a purchase is made from your account, you’re notified via text message. This real-time monitoring system puts you in control. Our Customer Care Center Representatives would be happy to enroll you in this free feature or, you can stop in any branch too.

On an individual basis, you may shut off specific transactions occurring online and in-stores. You will still have access to ATMs, and may do this by calling our Customer Care Center.  

Remember, you should always monitor you bank accounts on a regular basis for any type of unusual or suspicious activity. If you ever have a question or concern, contact your financial institution immediately.

When and if additional information becomes available, we will update you immediately.


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